We are a custom packer of fresh USDA inspected meats.

For grocery retailers, we provide case ready meat solutions for beef, grinds, pork and chicken in our 4 facilities located in Memphis, TN; Cincinnati, OH; Denver, CO and Olympia, WA.

For companies seeking a co-packer for fresh meat items, we offer services including new product development, labeling, production, warehousing and shipping to both grocery retailers and to consumer households through our perishable fulfillment department.  Custom Co-packing either ingredient or finished goods for consumer meat products is our specialty. We have helped pioneer several consumer goods products and have been successful at driving production costs down for these brands.  Click here to read more about our fulfillment business.

Our packaging capabilities include but are not limited to:

Overwrap mother bag – high ox and lo-ox
MAP pack Lid Seal – high ox and lo-ox
Vacuumed, Thermoforming

We also have virtually unlimited packaging options with our shrink tunnel capabilities.

Please click here to contact us and learn more about co-packing.

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